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A healthy mind: Meditation

Part of being healthy is not only eating the right foods and exercising often, but also having a healthy mind.  This blog post is actually an assignment for my blogging class where I have to combine ideas from my own, … Continue reading

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Curcuit Workout

This is a circuit aerobic routine that you can do at home without joining a class.  All you need is a stop watch.  This routine will increase your heart rate while concentrating on a full body workout. Keep in mind … Continue reading

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Aerobics: What it is, its’ benefits, and some different types

Aerobics exercise is designed to be energetic. It needs to have a duration time long enough (and consistent enough) to keep the heart and lungs in good condition.  It is rhythmic. Moves are performed along with music to create a … Continue reading

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Links for additional information

Hey everyone, For those of you who are interested in living a healthy lifestyle and would like to have a few more information outlets,  I have gathered up some links for you guys to check out. 1. Health in Life This is a great … Continue reading

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Alcohol and Weight Loss…or Rather Gain

Everyone knows that the trick to losing weight is to burn more calories than you eat by exercising in accordance to a healthy diet.  This may be true, but a person can exercise everyday and eat all the right foods … Continue reading

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Get Abs without Crunches

Crunches are definitely a great way to work out the abdominal muscle and obliques.  Yet, there is always room for variety in any routine.  Planks are another effective way to exercise your core.  A plank is a traditional move in … Continue reading

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Basics for abs

Aside from having that great “six-pack” look, your abdominal is an important muscle to your body.  It helps to stabilize your torso and reduce aches and pains in the lower back.  Notice how I referred to the abdominal as one … Continue reading

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