Get Abs without Crunches

Crunches are definitely a great way to work out the abdominal muscle and obliques.  Yet, there is always room for variety in any routine. 

Planks are another effective way to exercise your core.  A plank is a traditional move in Pilates and Yoga.  It works all core muscles including the back, hips, chest and even wrists.  Toning these core muscles is essential for a strong, balanced and stabilized body.

Lower back pain is often caused by a weak core.  Having a strong core helps prevent injury by strengthening the back muscles.  Planks are also stress-free on the neck.

The following routine is a variety of plank exercises beginning with the most basic and adding a few challenges.  Start out holding each pose for between 8-12 seconds.


  • Begin in a push-up position.
  • Next, balance on your toes and forearms (or on your palms for more of a challenge).
  • Pull your belly button into your spine, back straight.
  • Be sure that your lower back does not sag.

*For a modified plank, keep your back straight and lower your knees to the floor.

Plank with knee touch     (Can be done on forearms or palms)

  • Keeping your back straight, and belly button pulled in towards your spine, slowly tap your right knee down to the floor. 
  • Alternate knees.
  • This is a good pose for balance and stabilization. 

*For more of a challenge bring you knee to your chest once you have tapped the floor. 



Plank with leg raise           (Can be done on forearms or palms)

  • Keeping your back straight, and belly button pulled in towards your spine, alternatively and slowly raise each leg towards the ceiling. 
  • Do not let your back sag, or you could potentially cause injury to your lower back. 

One leg, one arm plank      (Can be done on forearms or palms)

  • Alternatively extend one leg and the opposite arm for better balance and a stronger core.


Walking Plank         (Must be on forearms)  *More challenging*

  • Begin in elbow plank.
  • Ground your elbows directly under your shoulders.
  • Walk 1 inch forward with your right arm.
  • Have you left arm move 1 inch forward to meet the right.
  • Feet do not move.
  • Bring your forearms back to starting position one at a time beginning with your right.
  • Next, move 1 inch to the right with your right forearm.
  • Have your left arm follow, moving 1 inch to the right to meet the right arm.
  • Move back to your starting point moving your left arm first, then the right.
  • Then move your left forearm 1 inch to the left.
  • Have your right forearm move 1 inch to the left, meeting your left arm.
  • Go back to your starting position moving the right arm first.

*To add more challenge, add another step (extra inch) next time you go around.

            Side Plank    (Palm or forearm)

  • Lie on your right side.
  • Have your right palm, or right elbow placed on the ground.
  • Have your left arm relaxed on your side.
  • Tighten your abdominals and glutes, be sure to keep your body in a straight line.
  • Repeat on your left side.

*For more of a challenge, raise your relaxed hand straight up towards the ceiling.  Keep your body balanced and in line.


About tonicekada

I am a junior print journalism major at West Virginia University. I have two minors in Italian and fitness.
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One Response to Get Abs without Crunches

  1. Thanks for all this information. I do yoga daily, but need to shake it up a little.

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