Healthy Places to Eat Around Morgantown

Morgantown is full of alluring restaurants for college students such as Sandwich U, Chico’s Fat and D.P Dough.  Most of them are typically within walking distance of campus.  These places are great hang out hot spots for students to meet up with friends in between class and on Friday and Saturday nights, but they aren’t healthy by any means.  The truth is, aside from the usual hang out spots, Morgantown is full of unique and healthy restaurants that offer more than just great, wholesome food.  A lot of them are small and locally owned, bringing their own unique atmosphere of culture, art and music to your table.

Black Bear is located downtown and is quite possibly one of my favorites.  It is a small business that supports local farmers as often as possible, and also recycling.  The restaurant uses 100% vegetarian beans, vegan rice, and organic ingredients.  Reviews tell us that many customers praise Black Bear for using the freshest ingredients, and bringing in the local musicians of Morgantown to entertain while you dine.

The Pita Pit is college budget friendly, and just a five minute walk from the downtown campus library.   The Pit offers nutritious, fresh veggies on white or whole wheat pita bread.  You can also order a fruit smoothies and salads.  The website has a nutrition calculator to help you choose the best ingredients to build your own Pita.  You have to watch out though because sometimes The Pit only accepts cash.

The Kenyan Café is an appealing little café hidden off of Van Voorhis Ave. behind the Dairy Mart.  The Kenyan Café takes pride in creating healthy meal options while introducing their customers to African cuisine.  Their “passion is serving unique, organic drinks and food” for dine-in or take-out.

A more notable restaurant that offers healthy meal selections is Applebee’s, which has a new menu that offers delicious meals under 550 calories.  The different plates, starting at $8.99, include Teriyaki shrimp pasta and signature sirloin with garlic herb shrimp.  I was at Applebee’s just last week and was really excited to find this menu.  I ordered the grilled shrimp and island rice, which I would recommend to everyone.  The sauce served over top of the shrimp has a tasty, citrus kind of tang to it.

Lastly, Dragon Fly is a bit more expensive than our college budgets are used to, but very healthy and a unique experience to try out.  Dragon Fly is a steak seafood, and sushi restaurant more on the sophisticated-stylish side.  Sushi and other types of seafood are always a safe choice when you are trying to eat healthy, as they are high in protein and nutrients, and very low in fats.


About tonicekada

I am a junior print journalism major at West Virginia University. I have two minors in Italian and fitness.
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3 Responses to Healthy Places to Eat Around Morgantown

  1. Good article! What about the Blue Moose? I think that’s the name if I remember correctly.

  2. tonicekada says:

    Thank you! And your right, the Blue Moose Cafe is another place to eat in Morgantown that offers a menu consisting of all-natural foods and organic coffee. They are also known for opening their doors to local artists and bands for entertainment. Have you ever been there though? I was only there twice and both times I recieved not so friendly service, so I decided to leave them out of my post.

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