Look Outside your Window

For today’s post I wanted to elaborate more on an idea I brought up in my last post, “Reduce Stress, Enjoy Life…Hakuna Matata.”  In this last post I mentioned how the tranquility of nature is a great way to release stress. After a bit more thought on that topic, and reading some other posts I decided that the tranquility of nature and what is has to offer deserves more than just a mention.

You know how when you’re fishing, or out on a hike you just feel so refreshed and alive?  To hear a fresh stream flowing, the leaves blowing in the wind, or to smell the air right before the rain comes is just serene.  Living in such a modernized world with technology and what not, we often forget where we come from.  We get carried away with every day life.  We see buildings and dirty highways day in and day out.  We spend hours upon hours in stuffy offices.  We sit in air polluting traffic with angry drivers.  We argue with sales associates at Verizon because our phone isn’t working the way it should.  We fake tan with too much radiation.  We eat and drink processed foods packed with fructose and sugar.  And we forget.  We forget how simple everything really is.


I believe this is why we feel happiness and serenity when we step back into nature.  It’s often difficult to notice nature around us with all the commotion of the city.  We feel simplistic and stress free when we step back into the beauty of nature that was originally given to us. 

The stillness of nature should make us all think.  We ought to think about life, where we came from, and where we are going.  That is the real reality.  Not the music we listen to and the video games we play, but the simplicity of nature and all it’s tranquility. 


I read a really great note that someone had posted on facebook the other day.  On his walk home, my friend began to reflect upon the difference between the city and nature.  He said, “In the city it’s very easy to become convinced that the world is all about us humans. Doorways and their doorknobs are the perfect size for us. Stairs are just the right height for climbing. Everything about the city is designed to fit humans, everything is intended for a high degree of convenience.”


Simply put, nature is good for our spirits.  We more often than not need to break free from our normal, daily lives and spend more time in nature.  This is why watching the sunrise is so tranquil, because it is the beauty of which God has given us.  Nature is the world God created, of whom we come from.  The world is bigger than us, despite the world we created.


About tonicekada

I am a junior print journalism major at West Virginia University. I have two minors in Italian and fitness.
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2 Responses to Look Outside your Window

  1. Couldn’t agree more about nature. I’m going to get out in the woods this afternoon, waiting for those 50 degree temperatures.

  2. tonicekada says:

    Me too! I cannot wait for Cooper’s rock to open up! …Or to be able to enjoy running outside on the rail trail again. 🙂

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