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What to do with Dumbbells

I personally love going to the gym because it makes me feel more motivated to workout. My roommate on the other hand will do anything to avoid the gym, so I thought that this post could give you ideas of … Continue reading

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Eating out and Healthy

Eating healthy can sometimes put restrictions on eating out.  For me at least, eating out is fun and relaxing.  It’s more like a treat to me.  So when I do eat out, I tend to order something really tasty like … Continue reading

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Why you Should Focus on the Weaknesses of Dieting

The key to losing weight = Eat less, exercise more. True, but this is really not as it simple as it sounds.  Real life comes into play bringing along stress, cravings, sleepiness, and a lack of time to get everything … Continue reading

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Eat Breakfast, Lose Weight

A few weeks ago I wrote a post based off an idea I got from reading an article in the NYTimes.   The article was about how skipping breakfast may actually be beneficial to you as you are cutting calories from … Continue reading

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What I have against “Meal Replacement” Diet Plans

                Week 1 of my diet plan is officially complete!  I did pretty well, though I caved a little this weekend.  I had two cumulative mid-terms this past Monday so while I was studying, I found myself eating more snacks … Continue reading

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There is no such thing as a “toned body.”

Over the past few months I have come into contact with some personal trainers (mostly through where I work or the Student Rec Center) who have all told me the same thing about “toning.”  There is no such thing.  Yep, … Continue reading

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Summer’s Coming, Time to Make a Diet Plan!

As we begin the month of March, we have already noticed the days getting warmer, rain instead of snow, and blue skies.  You know what that means, spring break is approaching…and even better, summer!  It also means it’s time to … Continue reading

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