Eat Breakfast, Lose Weight

A few weeks ago I wrote a post based off an idea I got from reading an article in the NYTimes.   The article was about how skipping breakfast may actually be beneficial to you as you are cutting calories from your daily intake.  The article I wrote suggested that we shouldn’t forget the importance of eating a healthy, balanced morning meal.  I pointed out that studies show how breakfast helps our brains to function, and thus should be eaten to improve performance at work and school.

I wanted to add a little more to my theory with this post.  I am still not going to argue that skipping breakfast won’t help you to lose weight.  It probably will considering you cut your calories.  Many people also say they don’t feel a difference in hunger in the morning whether they skip breakfast or not.  I, however, think that those extra morning calories can actually help you lose weight by keeping your body balanced.

Let me explain.  I’m on my second week of dieting.  I noticed that I’m constantly hungry throughout the day even when I know I ate enough food.  I eat five servings of fruits and vegetables per day along with dinner and breakfast (I usually eat a salad for lunch).  I did a bit of research and found that even though you are giving your body enough nourishment during a diet, it can still sense that something has changed.  Essentially, your body realizes that it isn’t getting as much food as it is used to and so it compensates by sending you hunger pangs. 

I feel that by eating a healthy (fruit, yogurt or granola) breakfast you would be satisfying some of those feelings of hunger.  Additionally you increase your metabolism and brain power throughout the day! Like a lot of diets suggest, I eat about six small meals a day.  This consists of breakfast, lunch, dinner and three snacks.   Doing this allows me to feel like I’m constantly eating.  I use my lunch and snack times to pack in my fruit and veggie servings. 

Oh and just a tip, you body is going to naturally crave sweets while you’re on a diet, mostly because it can tell that they have been absent lately.  Once you give in to even the smallest temptation (just one cookie won’t hurt,) your body is going to crave more and it’s going to drive you crazy.  This is why from now on when Amber (my roommate) bakes, I will no longer be the taste tester!  To get my sweet tooth fix I drink either chocolate or vanilla Silk soymilk.

Try to come up with some others ways to avoid cravings such as exercising, talking on the phone, watching TV, etc.


About tonicekada

I am a junior print journalism major at West Virginia University. I have two minors in Italian and fitness.
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One Response to Eat Breakfast, Lose Weight

  1. chapter18 says:

    Good nice caution for those on diet.


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