Farmer’s Market

The annual Farmers’ Market is coming to Morgantown in just two weeks!   Starting May 7th and lasting until November 5th, local farmers within a 50 mile radius will gather every Saturday morning at 8:30 a.m.  Located on the corner of Spruce and Fayette st

Picture is credited to the Farmers' Market website.

reets, a total of 38 different local farmers will gather to sell fresh produce, bread, meats, and eggs.

According to the markets’ website, the most gaureenteed goods to find at the market include:  Peaches, kale, cucumbers, flowers, basil, greens, beef, peppers, honey, jellies, eggplant, carrots, squash, strawberries, pork, tomatoes, bread, soaps, and lotions. 

The goods that are a little more difficult to find in abundance include: Blackberries, broccoli, cantaloupes, watermelons, turnips, blueberries, and asparagus.

You can also find goods made out of wool, pies, and recipies at the market.

What I thought was the most interesting about the Farmers’ Market is that it has grown into more of an event, than a market place.  Each Saturday a different non-profit organization is invited to set up at the market.  Additionally, local muscians are welcome to play live music each weekend. In this way, the market becomes an event as local farmer’s join together to celebrate their hard work and benefit the community.

For more information you can contact Market Manager, Brenda Shiflett at 304-276-1865.


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I am a junior print journalism major at West Virginia University. I have two minors in Italian and fitness.
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